Triumphant Return

//Triumphant Return

Triumphant Return

From out of nowhere, at the eleventh hour, the world finally had its answer. Gasps of awe rolled across the nation like a symphony of gentle waves conducted by King Neptune himself. With all the graces and confidence of a tasselled wobbegon, PJ divulged the true power behind the act of “freeballing”, a mysterious skill that until now has been kept hidden from the children of Eve, Adam, Jerry, and Roberto.

While the act itself has many applications, PJ related the true power of the gesture lies with the ability to “freeball” where one’s forehead ends and scalp begins. This obviously changes the religious, scientific, and political landscape for decades to come, and could result in the end of hats as we know it. This ability, like all things, has its limitations as it is rendered totally ineffective against fiveheads. How this will affect the world at large remains to be seen.

The WoW guild also resumed activities last year and is recruiting new members. While raids are scheduled for the upcoming year, the guild bank will no longer be issuing golf carts or fake pudding until further notice.

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