Yam Wipes The Slate Clean

//Yam Wipes The Slate Clean

Yam Wipes The Slate Clean

yamYesterday, Yam finally weighed in on the wiping issue, reportedly doing his business sitting down “like normal people.” Talk of growing concern that this sort of rampant prejudice is spreading to other members continue, and, frankly, this reporter is concerned as well.

In other news, despite having finally gotten his hands on a pair of legendary boots of his very own, Yam still didn’t miss a step in his endless litany of complaints, and there appears to be no end in sight. Finally, the manhunt for “Two Legendaries” Dovahkin continues, and the reward has been increased to 50,000g—coincidentally, the amount allegedly owed to an anonymous would-be raid leader.

This was special correspondent G. R. Imjaw, signing off.

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